February 2023 | by Zach Taylor

I’ve been thinking a lot about getting older since now I’m over 40. 

As my crows feet turn to raven’s claws and my dark brown hair gets more sparkly, I’m finding myself thinking about what getting older means to me. I really feel like I’m better every decade. People often say that but it’s totally true! But what does that mean? To me, getting older really does mean getting better every year, but like…in every way. 

You hear guys say “when I was 18, man I was in my prime!” (Maybe that’s old straight dudes talking about their school football days). Or you hear women talk about their bodies like they need to have that 22” waist again. Was that really their prime? Did they really feel their best? If they did, how sad is that!? I don’t want to be feeling my best (btw that means more than physical feeling) two decades ago! Girl, I want that shit to be now. 

The truth is, it CAN be now. No matter what age you are, you have the ability to feel your best right now. You just have to put the freaking work in and make the damned changes necessary to get there. 

And when you’re moving your body, eating nutritious food (the right amounts), spending quality time with people who care about you, constantly learning, getting good rest, and keeping a positive attitude - paired with the wisdom and superpowers you’ve gained over the decades - it’s WAY better than when you had the abs at age 22. 

So, what does PRIME really mean to you? To me, it means feeling energy, confidence in my body, feeling strong, having great relationships, eating well, experiencing the beautify of nature, always learning and trying new things, AND looking good while I’m doing it. Because I’m feeling my Prime, and feeling good IS looking good! 

And you know what? Next year is going to be my Prime. And when I’m 50, I’m going to be IN. MY. PRIME. I can’t wait to feel even better than I do now. 

There’s only one way to do it - MAKE. IT HAPPEN. - take action now. 

I don’t want my Prime to be in the rear view mirror. What a waste. I choose now!