My app-based virtual training and nutrition coaching programs are designed for those who have some experience with weight lifting. You'll get access to a robust training app with my phased exercise programs that I customize to fit your needs. I'll follow your progress, offer notes, communicate with you through the app, and have regular check-ins. Bascially, you've got me in your pocket!


If you’re new to physical fitness or you’re a seasoned gym goer, I will start you on a science-based program to teach you the ropes, or to boost your exercise efficiency so you get the most out of your workouts.


I will assess your body's structure and evaluate your movement patterns to determine any need for corrective exercise, and to better design your fitness program. Most people experience some level of impaired mobility and chronic pain, which is commonly due to prolonged seated postures and sedentary lifestyles. I’ll determine your body’s limitations so we can work to break through them. We will discuss your whole health, including sleep patterns, nutrition and stress. These factors greatly affect your success with our program and your ability to ultimately reach and maintain your health goals.


My goal is to make a healthy lifestyle instinctual, permanent and fun.

Drawing from evolutionary biology and evidence-based science, I implement mobility, strength and aesthetic training programs that suit your specific lifestyle. Amid a sea of misinformation and quick-fix claims, I will weed out the bad and train you on the most efficient and safe exercises to guide you to your goals. 

I draw from my background in corrective exercise to help naturally relieve pain and unnecessary stress on your joints, to both heal and prevent injury.

I present an educational atmosphere to promote an understanding of your body, and how to move, feel and look better. Train with me to help reduce trips to the doctor’s office, gain confidence, and enjoy a lifelong relationship with fitness and health. 

* National Academy of Sports Medicine CPT

* NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist

* NCI Certified Nutrition Coach

* The Biomechanics Method Corrective Exercise Specialist

* Kettlebell Kings Certified