February 2024 | by Zach Taylor


I’m all biblical sounding...

No but cereally, you’ve got to change something in order to change anything. 

If every morning you wake up and have coffee and don’t eat until noon, and you’ve been doing this for years, this “intermittent fast” you’re on is not going to cause any fat loss. 

If you’ve been hitting that cardio class for the last six months and wondering why you’re not getting the physique results you’re looking for, there’s a reason for that. 


Your body has already adapted to what you’re doing and so it has no reason to change. Frankly, it doesn’t want to ever change. Change is hard and during the vast majority of human evolution our world was harsh enough, so our bodies designed themselves to find a homeostasis and to stick with it!

But there IS a way to jolt it into action and force it to grow, to build, to change and thereby to adapt. After all, without adaptation we would have gone extinct ages ago. 

The answer is NOVELTY. 

Giving ourselves a novel stimulus is what forces it (and our minds) to adapt. So it’s this change in our habits, routines, mindset, exercise modality, etc., that elicits the change. 


We are indeed habitual creatures. And again, this is because constantly changing our environment and the stimuli we encounter takes a lot of work and energy - we couldn’t afford it while living in caves for hundreds of thousands of years. 

But now we can! Now you can. 

If you’re not eating until noon, break your fast right when you wake up with a high protein food. 

If you’re eating super low carbs, eat some damned rice for G sake! 

If you’re only running on a treadmill, let’s get you some weights to move around. 

And if you’re in the mindset that you can’t change and it’s too difficult, that’s a one-way ticket to nowhere. 

Do you accept the challenge that’s needed? 

It can feel insurmountable at first but we can do it together. 


Coach Z