January 2024 | by Zach Taylor

What a "Health Coach" is may not be clear. What the f*$& do I do? Why would someone want or need one of me?

We know our general Doctor diagnoses us with illnesses, prescribes medication, and sometimes discusses other aspects of our health like exercise and nutrition. In my experience, they ask about exercise and smoking/alcohol and it often stops there.

We love our doctors and we need them! Do not get me wrong. But they are, by Western standards, trained to be reactive and not preventative.

A Nutritionist or Dietitian has a degree in dietary science and can prescribe specific diets. They are sometimes referred to by Doctors.

A Personal Trainer brings together the science of human movement and (if they're good) nutrition in order to help their clients reach fitness goals. Most trainers work with their clients in-person or on Zoom 1-3x per week and send them on their way.

What I do as a Health Coach is apply my experience working with bodies in-person with my education and success in the practical applications of nutrition for real-world results, with the mindset pieces that are the essence of "coaching."

I'm not just designing your customized plan; I'm walking through it with you and giving real-time guidance on how to navigate sometimes difficult situations, and the twists and turns that come with living a human life.

I provide practical fixes for hormone health, better sleep, how to reframe and design your nutrition world so that you're healthier for life, teach you what you need to achieve levels of fitness you never imagined, and help to keep you out of the doctor's office. And I'm with you all along the way in your pocket (through my app) and in your ear (during our weekly check-ins).

My expertise is working with gay men who are near and in their 40's, because we experience our own unique set of circumstances and challenges.

It's hard to start something new (especially when you're not new ;) but it's infinitely harder to stick with it until you get what you want. My coaching clients are 10x more adherent to their health plans and get results at much higher rates than those who go it on their own.

I used to just be a trainer. It was fun. But it was not even CLOSE to the level of fulfillment I get from the vastly better success my clients see now.

I'm a Health Coach and I'm the guy that's with you all day, every day. Walking next to you, holding your hand, listening to you, supporting you, and doing whatever I need in order to help you become healthier, happier and feeling in YOUR PRIME, no matter your age.


Coach Z.