August 2021 | by Zach Taylor

I sure love when I get to a piece of equipment at the gym and it's completely drenched in sweat. After my gag reflex subsides and I've wasted 6 mins of my 1hr workout window cleaning up some random dudes skin-pee, I can finally start exercising. Meanwhile he's walking away feeling like the Dean of Diaphoresis (I just looked it up - it's the scientific term for perspriation and it fit my pun perfectly! Feel free to use it causally in conversation to dumbfound and disgust your friends).

According to science or some shit, sweating istelf does not burn calories. Sweating is the result of your body heating up and needing to cool itself down, but your body getting hot does not equal calories burning. Nor does it equal muscle building or strength gainz, bro.

Instead of chasing the sweat, try chasing muscle adaptation by implementing a smart resistance training program. More muscle equals more calories burned (even while you sleep) and a healthier, better moving body in general, which leads to more activity. This means that nice, tight, healthy body you've been after.

**See my blog post about cardio not being the best way to lose weight**

Note: you will probably lose weight by sweating, in the form of water loss, but you'll gain that right back as soon as you chug water.

Focus on staying active, and resistance training to grow and maintain muscle, and let the sweat come as it may! No one is impressed by your pool of questionable liquid on the mat, left behind after 45 minutes of wasted energy expenditure. Unless they're into water sports...

SKIN PEE! (Never forget).

Love, Zach