February 2023 | by Zach Taylor

The big T…guys are all talking about it. Whether it be with reference to building muscle, energy levels, erectile dysfunction (the big ED!), or just feeling younger and looking better, it really is all the rage these days, and for good reason. Testosterone is integral to the function of our brains/cognitive ability, to help us become and stay lean, build muscle and look great, feel stronger, become more virile - it basically gives us super powers!

It’s good to have it checked once or twice/year, especially if you’re suffering from issues with any of the above mentioned. If you’re moody, not sleeping well, unable to build muscle or lose weight, low libido, not able to get or maintain an erection - these things suck - you may have low testosterone.

`Testosterone also benefits heart health (it’s also a muscle) and therefore cardiovascular health and overall longevity.

We know for a fact that men’s T on average has decreased dramatically over the past 50 or so years. This may be due to environmental factors like toxins in our food supply or packaging, etc., the decrease in overall activity (think desk jobs, less walking, and video games/tv instead of outdoor play), and lots of other novelties. But in any case, it’s not good.

There are many ways to naturally increase testosterone without seeking medical or risky illegal interventions. You can work on getting more/better sleep, eating whole, organic foods, EXERCISING (particularly moving heavy objects), reducing or eliminating alcohol intake, and by using natural herbal supplementation.

I do all of the above, but this week I back my labs after trying a month of an herbal formulation including the ancient herbs tongkat ali and fadogia agrestis (now that I planted the “seed”, you’re going to be seeing/hearing these words everywhere - they’re making a major comeback). I must say, an increase from 650ng/dl to 903ng/dl is a pretty big jump and can probably be attributed in large part to these herbs. I’m pretty amazed at how well they work. I hadn’t felt too much increase in libido but it’s definitely helped with erections. “Morning wood” typically decreases as we age but that’s back too. I’m not sure about it helping with muscle mass but I’m willing to keep at it for another month because obviously it’s doing something (my energy and mood have also been great).

*Note that my previous labs where I got the 650 number were from 2 years ago so there’s been quite a span in between. But not much has changed in what I’d been doing apart from the supplement.

Absolutely check with your doctor if you’re thinking of trying this and seek out the highest quality herbs from a source that you trust (I have one I can recommend). But if you are looking to improve your health without the risky side effects, this might be a good option to get your super powers back!