January 2021 | by Zach Taylor

For my first blog post, I thought I’d dive into what I believe to be the “missing link” for most peoples’ fitness game plan. Whether you’re trying to lose that last 10 pounds or you just can’t seem to pack on the muscle you’re working so hard on, protein is probably the #1 element that needs tweaking. And it’s easy to fix - just eat more! That’s definitely an overstatement because protein is NOT so easy to cram in, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing about it…

You know what protein is and if you don’t, it really doesn’t matter all that much. What’s important is that you understand what it’s doing for your body, and that you learn how to get the best kind in there. Eating the appropriate amount of protein is how we build and MAINTAIN muscle. You can workout eight days a week and not gain an ounce of muscle if you’re not eating enough protein. You can also start losing muscle by not getting enough in your diet.

Protein will help you lose fat!

If you're overweight, know that muscle is what’s going to help you lose. The more muscle you’ve got, the more you’ll burn, even at rest! Muscle is an “expensive” tissue for the body so it uses lots of calories. The more muscle you have, the better and more you move = more calories burned! Protein is the most satiating food so it will fill you up more and faster, so you won’t eat as much. Make sure your protein is the largest macronutrient on your plate and eat it first so you fill up before the carbs.

If I haven’t already convinced you to eat more protein, consider that it also helps you maintain your weight loss. The vast majority of those who lose more than 10lbs gain it back plus another 10. This is because they don't have the muscle to maintain the calorie burn, and eventually they go off their fad diet and back to eating “normally,” which results in higher calories and fat gain.

The best sources of protein, because they are most bioavailable (your body can use them more quickly/efficiently) are animal proteins. Getting this important macronutrient from natural (no hormones and organic), whole (only one ingredient) sources are your best bet to get the most bang for your buck.

You should try to eat at LEAST .6 grams of protein per pound of body weight. At 150lbs you should be getting at least 90g of protein each day. That’s the lowest end! If you’re more than 20lbs overweight, use your lean body mass to determine your protein needs. Count your protein intake for at least one day to understand how much more you. You’ll probably be surprised at how little you’re getting into your diet.

And eat less carbs/sugar! More protein will help a lot.

Message me with any questions and HAPPY EATING!